Bible study, knife and police called

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Uncategorized
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As i am wondering what story to share first, i thought why not share the first time i had to call the RCMP for help at our shelter. Now if any of my family are reading this you may be shocked but this is a true event that happened like 9 and half a years ago, so i am ok now. My family often worry about me.

During this time in our shelter history we had a little bible study every night before lights out. This bible study was opened to the public, but for the most part it was the people who currently resided in the shelter that would come. There was this big guy, i mean big probably a little under 6′, and weighed probably close to 400 pounds. During the middle of the bible study Ron stood up and started to pace back and forth a few feet from our bible study circle.  We asked him to please rejoin the circle, but he refused.

“He has me here for a reason”, Ron said pointing up to the ceiling indicating he was talking about God. We reassured him that is all fine and good, but this time is devoted to bible study and asked him to rejoin the circle again. He was starting to get a little more distraught as the time continued. We decided to ask him to leave, Ron did not take that very well (not many people do).

“I’m not leaving! He has me here for a reason. I don’t know what it is, but He has me here for a reason”, would not stop saying these words. He is now pacing very quickly, brushing his hair back like wanting to fight. The RCMP finally arrived (which is always a relief), with their gloves on and slowly approaching Ron with their arms up to not raise alarm. They were able to escort him out of the building, no one was harmed and no fight was started. We did not worry about starting bible study again, it was done for the night. The RCMP came back in and informed me that Ron had a knife on him, and that i should be careful asking people to leave.

I have asked countless men and women to leave over the years, and have never been harmed. When i work in a Christ centred environment, where Christ is preached about openly and constantly, what do i have to fear? I will share some stories that will make you laugh, threats i have gotten, and peoples lives drastically changed by crying out to the Lord.

I have not seen Ron for a couple of years. He was at one point living in one of our houses, and definitely has some knowledge of the Lord and His word. Last time i saw Ron he was living with a girl and working.

God i pray that if Ron is not following you now, that you have your Holy Spirit bring conviction to his life, and draw him back to a state of repentance.

  1. James says:

    Good Beginning Danny,although for legal reasons,you might not want to use real names unless you have permission .. keep it up 🙂


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