Farmer, seeds and lepers

Posted: August 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

I will try to limit my blogging to no more then twice a week, but that is not a promise. 

I have the privilege of getting to know many people. I may have the opportunity to get to know them personally, or i may only see them once. The time I have with them is so important! 

Like i shared in my first post, we use to do a bible study at 9:30 pm every evening, we now do one at 6 pm before we serve supper. When you facilitate a bible study for people that are only sitting through so they can have a place to sleep, can some times be frustrating and disheartening. Are they listening, what are they thinking, what are they saying when I am not around, and the thoughts go on. 

Have you ever read where Jesus healed 10 lepers in Luke 17:11-19. Jesus instructed the 10 men to go and wash and then they would be healed. One man noticed that on the journey he was cleansed of his leprosy and decided to return with gratitude to Jesus. Upon his arrival of course Jesus was happy, but Jesus wondered why the others did not return as well.

That feeling is exactly how it feels to work in this kind of ministry. Some people will stay for a few days, weeks, maybe months and some times years in our community. When i am out in the city i will some times see old shelter guests, and they will tell me how they are doing, but most of the time I never know what kind of help (if any) did they receive. I remember one individual who really did not seem to enjoy our bible study times. He was someone who was in our recovery program for a season, and someone who said he wanted to serve the Lord. One evening while he was drunk and i was having to ask him to leave, he gave me some encouraging words.

“Danny keep doing those bible studies, i know that it seems like i was not listening, but i was. Please Danny keep doing those bible studies, more people are listening then you know”. I still see him every once in awhile, but it is always so uplifting to hear that the Lord really is planting seeds in people’s hearts.

Our job is to plant, God will water, and will see the harvest. We are for a little while God’s farmers to sow seed in whom ever He may bring through our doors.  

Lord i pray that you continue to lead people to our shelter that needs help, community and most of all a relationship with you.

  1. Keith Ivany says:

    Danny keep doing the Lord’s work. You are helping fulfill James 1:27, pure religion. Keep it up!! Keith


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