Conversations with a alcoholic and a broken military man.

Posted: August 29, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I was not planning on writing this post, but my last two nights at shelter have been amazing! God is truly moving on High St. I try not to make these blogs to long, but i hope you like this one. I want to tell you about two conversations with someone last night, we will call him “Tim”, and this evening with “Barry”.

Tim has never stayed in our shelter, but attends our drop in regularly. Tim was sitting out front last night, I approached him to see how he was doing.

“Hey Danny things are good, and you?” Tim continued “You know Danny I observe things a lot and it looks like you run the place”.

“I do not run the place i just manage down here”, i said pointing towards the door indicating the drop in center.

“I really enjoy coming here, i feel very welcome”.

I always love when people inform me that they feel welcome by walking through the doors, I told Tim  that is exactly how we want people to feel. Tim went on to tell me about how addictions have had control of his life, but right now he is doing well, because he has no money. He informed me that he is a bad alcoholic and he has also tried crack, but has been clean from that for awhile. “Me and my wife moved out to Calgary, but the addiction got the better of me and she left me”. It was only me and Tim and he used this time to talk about a lot of things that were on his chest. “I don’t know why I am saying all this to you. I have just always felt so empty. I know that there is a God and all, but i just don’t know what to do. Do you mind talking or do you have to go?”

” This is what i am here for, so yes i have the time.” He informed me that after his wife left him he was out west living on the streets, one day out of nowhere his wife showed up (about a year later) and took him back. At this point they moved back to NB, and things were good for awhile, but alcohol got the better of him again. “This is a recovery program,” I said pointing to the building beside us. 

“Really, as i sit here sometimes i see guys hanging out on the deck and thought that it might be a rehab or something.” At this point someone walked up and intruded on our conversation, just as i was getting to the good part. Jesus. Tim comes in often and i know that we will have many more opportunities to speak.


Barry has been staying in our shelter for a couple of weeks, but tonight was the first night that we really got to connect. I shared during our devotion time on how Jesus healed the man that was blind by spitting on his eyes Mark 8:22-25. I informed people that Jesus loves them so much that he wants to heal the hurts in their lives, and that he often does this in different/unique ways. Barry (like others) did not seem to be paying attention. I was very interested when he asked to speak in the office afterwards. 

“You know i wasn’t really listening during the bible study, but i heard something… i don’t remember what i heard, but i heard something.” 

“You heard exactly what you needed to hear.” I informed him, which was exactly it, i think he heard one phrase, but that is why he was so interested and open.

“God can’t forgive me.” Barry opened up as quick as it took me to sit in my chair. He informed me that while serving in the military he was ordered to do things that has made him feel very upset with himself. “God can’t forgive me for what i have done. I have not murdered anyone, but just did what i was told to do.” Tears were welling up in his eyes as he continued. I asked Barry if i said a similar story, and then ask if he thought God would forgive me, Barry said that  he would.

“If he would forgive me, why would he not forgive you. I don’t think that you have a problem believing God can forgive you, but you have a hard time forgiving yourself.”

“Yeah i think your right,” he said using his thumb to discard a tear beginning to stream down his face.

“The bible says that while we were God’s enemy He died for us.” As i was saying this i was praying that he would allow these words to settle in his heart.

“I don’t think I’m God’s enemy.”

“Without Jesus we are God’s enemy in a sense. Jesus loved you so much that he died for you so that you could have a relationship, a relationship not religion or just go to church on Sundays, but a relationship. Do you want to pray and ask the Lord for help, ask Him to show you how to forgive yourself, and help to heal your past hurts?” He shook his head but informed me that he didn’t know what to say. I had a chance to pray with him. 

Barry and Tim are two ongoing stories, that i pray the Lord will direct and guide. Jesus led them to us for a reason, and I plan to take every opportunity to show them love and acceptance. 

I know that this is a long one, but if you got this far you had as much fun reading this as i have had sharing it with you. I could not wait any longer i just needed to share these two stories. More to come, promise. 

I would love to hear from you. What you thought of the story, or any questions. 


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