Addicts, Travelers and people with bad luck

Posted: September 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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We break the mold of homeless shelters and organizations like ours, I think the reason is because we are faith based. When people think of a homeless shelter, and then come to ours they are not sure what to do. Often times you will be talking to someone who is homeless and not know it. The stereotypes about homelessness are staggering. If a stereotype refers to you or your background then you become upset, but we so often embellish stereotypes of other groups.

We welcome everyone to come to our shelter for help, and we will help anyone who comes to our shelter for help. We understand that people use our services for one of five reasons.

1. Addictions

2. Mental Health

3. Down on their luck

4. Travelling

5. Choice

1. Addictions have become a very big topic in our society today, I would not be surprised if everyone reading this either knows or is related to someone who is a struggling addict. Being addicted to a substance destroys peoples lives, and they know it! We do not have to inform addicts that they have or are currently ruining their or your families lives, they know what they are doing. They are stuck in a cycle that is very hard to get out, not impossible but hard. An addict loves their families and friends, but at the time the drug seems more important. There is help. When someone comes through our doors and we know they have problems with substances then we are fortunate enough to have an addiction recovery program, and there have been a lot of men go from our shelter to our recovery. I have a lot of people that come and tell me they are clean, I ask if they are clean from everything including pot. Most times people do not consider pot a drug, but it is. It alters your minds well-being and your state of consciousness. But Danny God created pot, yes He did, He also created poison ivy go smoke that!

2. Mental Illness has increased so much since we first opened our shelter, and back then we did not know what to do to help them, we were just starting out. We probably have at least one person who has a mental health problem  a night. I really believe that not everyone who seems to have a problem with their mental health has a mental health disease, I think that some times it is a spiritual matter. There are some that are “scary” with what they say and then most are so very harmless and misunderstood.

3. We hear so many stories from people that really touch our hearts. Some come to our shelter simply because a series of unfortunate events. So many different stories that i will share in another blog.

4. We have a lot of people mainly but not exclusively to the summer season who travel into the area. A lot of people want to travel through Canada, which just means we get to meet that many new people.

5. There are the “hidden homeless” people that can not be counted because they do not step foot into a homeless shelter.

I am going to expound on these all in my next five blogs,so you can meet some people and hears some of the stories we hear often. 

If you know someone who is struggling with addictions or mental health issues and do not know what to do, leave a comment and I will help as best I can.


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