There is Freedom for those struggling with a Mental Health problem!

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If this is the first blog you are reading or have skipped the last two on September 3 2014 I spoke about the different types of people that stay in our shelter. The next three blogs are going to focus on the different topics/life styles.

  1. Mental Health

Mental Health: psychological well-being and satisfactory adjustment to society and to the ordinary demands of life. (Definition from

If we all take the time to think I am sure we could all imagine someone in our families/social circles that struggle with their mental health. Mental health is a topic that our society has only recently admitted there is a problem. Our government is starting to understand the power of community and supportive living. The Canadian government had this amazing idea called “Chez Soi” which is french for “At Home”. The idea of this temporary study where, they chose 5 cities in Canada, was to take an individual who has struggled with a mental health problem and homelessness and give them an apartment and have the proper supports around them to maintain their housing. This study is now complete and has caused our country to focus on a “housing first” approach to ending homelessness.

When someone is diagnosed with a mental health disorder they can potentially qualify for permanent disability, and potentially medication.

There was a gentlemen who stayed in the shelter many times, we will call him Rick. He was a gentlemen who stayed in our shelter off and on over a 3 or 4 year period. Rick is someone that was well liked and had a great personality. After a few times of being in shelter Rick decided to enter our recovery program, and started to volunteer by washing laundry at our shelter. I remember a time while Rick was staying in the shelter that he slept with a pink blanket, (my wife now, but then we were only friends) would tell Rick that she was going to take his blanket, but he would try to guard it because deep down inside he really liked pink I think.

Before entering our recovery program Rick came and said that he was seeing a local doctor to be diagnosed with being bipolar, because his father had it. Having bipolar causes the individual to go through extreme mood swings, some times even resulting in physical confrontations. I informed Rick that I did not believe he had this disorder. I have known him for years by this point and we have become semi close friends.

“No offense, but I don’t believe you are qualified to make that assumption Danny.” Rick informed me.

I believe that he wanted the “perks” that come with a mental health problem (being on permanent disability, and medication).

Rick was given a job by a gentlemen who is a big supporter of our mission. I am not sure that he was diagnosed or not, but I do know that while he was staying in our shelter and recovery he was reading the bible and getting close to the Lord. I pray that you continue to bless Rick with revelation and a zeal for life.

In our society pharmaceutical medication has become a huge problem. There are people who come to our shelter sometimes with 5 to 13 bottles of different medication. It seems like Doctors are only interested in medicating their patients. I do know there are some Doctors who really care and will go out of their way to help every patient.

I believe there are some people who really are not suffering from a mental health problem but from spiritual oppression. I have seen people who one day were 100% coherent, and then once they receive medication they were very different. I believe that the cure for a mental health problem is a relationship with Jesus which is exactly what everyone is looking for, some just don’t know it, but Jesus is sneaking up on them.


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