Anyone could be homeless!

Posted: September 17, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Before I start on the topic for today, I first would like to give my condolences to the family of Dave Reed who has unexpectedly passed away this week. My heart goes out to his family and friends. Dave was someone who has used our services.

Continuing with my series of the types of people who stay in our shelter. Today I am going to focus on those through a series of unfortunate events find them selves at our door, people who are down on their luck.

You can always tell when someone walks through our doors for the first time, they stand at the door looking around like a deer caught in head lights, because they do not know where to go, what to do, or who to talk to.

I remember when Terra (not actual name) came to our shelter. A nice “older” lady ( I use that term loosely I know how girls are about their ages LOL) was starting to make friends with the others in the drop in center, and shelter. Because I like to find out everyone’s story, as to what brought them to our doors, how they found out about our shelter and so on.

“ Terra what brought you to our shelter?” I asked her

“I was in the hospital for awhile, when I was released I was evicted from my apartment.” GMHSC is the Greater Moncton Homeless Steering Committee, our goal is to end/alleviate homelessness. Something that GMHSC have noticed is that the hospitals, prisons and jails are releasing people into homelessness, and we feel that this is not right, so we are trying to focus on changing these policies.

Terra stayed in our shelter for a few weeks, and then moved into our housing for women. She had stayed in the shelter for a few extra days because she liked all the people that were living there. People looked to her as a mother figure and because of that fell in love with her. On her last night there was a going away party for her.

People so often stay in our shelter that have just fallen between the “cracks” I have heard so many stories, and met many people who have told me their stories. There have been people come that were stranded in the city, because their bus didn’t leave till the next morning. People who have been waiting for their EI to start, but it has taken too long. People who have been kicked out by their spouse, friends or parents. Just because someone is homeless does not mean that they are an alcoholic or drug addict, but that they need help.

We sometimes have families come needing a place, which makes it difficult, because we are not a family shelter, but we make the best of the situation. I always inform the parents that they are not the first to stay in the shelter with their children. I can only imagine how my mother would feel if she had to stay at a shelter with me and my brother.

To help people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or those staying on the streets, we first need to change the stereotypes we have in our minds and culture on homelessness. You can’t change someones mind, but you can change your own. Help can start with you! Just you reading this blog shows that you have an interest in homelessness.

I always tell people to be informed on what help there is for people in your city. Find out where the soup kitchens are, the shelters and other help agencies.


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