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Posted: September 19, 2014 in Uncategorized
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So continuing our series on different types of people who stay in our shelter 1st we had Addicts 2nd Mental Health 3rd Down on their luck, and today i am speaking on:

  1. Traveling/ Transient life style


So we have many people who are new to the city, or are just getting back into the area. There have been many times over the years where people were traveling through to another province on the bus, but they need to stay over night but the bus station did not stay open all night, so they would be pointed towards our shelter. Also we get to meet many people who are traveling across Canada from one end or the other.

Over the years I have had the amazing opportunity to meet many new men and women. Often when I am out and about I will run in to (not with a car) people who have stayed at our shelter, which is nice because I rarely get to see what happens to people after leaving the shelter. This is almost how I met my wife, she was just new to the city with a couple of friends, but that is a blog for another day.

Recently there was a gentlemen stay in the shelter who was traveling out west for work from NFLD(i think). Have you ever seen The Lorax? The Lorax is a great movie that I think everyone should watch, but this gentlemen we will call him Ryan I thought kind of looked like the Lorax mainly because of his mustache. Ryan stayed in our shelter for close to two weeks.

I am not sure if you know of the terrible shootings that happened earlier this year in the city of Moncton. One day there was a man who shot five RCMP officers, and unfortunately three of them past away. This was a tragedy in our city, but it showed how strong our city is/can be. I am sharing this because Ryan was unable to leave, because the city was closed down for a few days. Ryan had said that almost this same situation happened before when he came into a city. Every so often there is someone who comes through our shelter who is a tremendous blessing and a joy to be around, Ryan was one of these people. It was not long after the shootings that he left the area. I have not heard from him, but pray that he was able to make it to his destination, and hope that next time he comes through Moncton he stops by for a coffee.

It is so amazing getting to meet new people almost every day. I am so blessed to work in an environment where I get to share the love of Jesus to everyone, and where no two days are the same.

God I pray that you grant safety and peace to all who are traveling and I pray that anyone who is in need finds our shelter tonight.


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