The journey of Kris.

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This blog will be the hardest one for me to write to date. It is difficult because I am writing about someone who was around our shelter many times over a number of years. I do not remember how “Kris” and I met, but we became close.

Over a number of years my heart reached out to Kris who was in and out of our shelter more times then I can remember. I had a lot of problems with him because of his addiction to drugs.

Kris was in our recovery program for a couple of months, which was such a blessing to my heart. I was unable to see him at this time, because I was away for our summer mission tour. I try to care for everyone who walks through our doors, for some reason it is easier to care for some people then for others, Kris was one of the easy to care/love, even though he would push a lot of people away.

Kris was addicted to intravenous drugs, who if you ask anyone, is very hard to quit/get help.

I remember one time he came to me after hitch hiking back into town.

“Danny” he said. “I am done with drugs.”

“Man that is awesome.” I said.

“As I was coming back into the city I felt God speak to me and say that I need to get clean.” He was very excited as he was speaking. Kris was someone that had a very out going personality and spoke his mind all the time. “ I asked the guy that picked me up to pull over, when he did I got out of the car, took the needles I had in my pocket, broke them and shoved them into the ground.”

I was enthusiastic of his story and helped him move into one of our houses. Unfortunately this change in behavior did not last long, and he was back to his old life.

Kris was not around much after this, but would still stop in at times. I remember a funny story. Kris walked in the room in a hurry saying “Catherine (not actual name) I need $2,000, right now.”

“Kris I don’t have $2,000.”

“Can you give me $2 so I can get a coffee then.” I love hearing that story.

Kris was gone for awhile and when I was working at the shelter one night he showed up. I got a chance to speak with him.

“Kris I miss you, you need to come around more.”

“Danny I know that God is real.”

“Man you should come to church Sunday night.”

“Maybe, I just don’t know what to do any more.”

“Kris Jesus loves you and is here to help you. Come Sunday night and you can sit with me.”

“Ok Danny I will try to come out.”

“Can I pray for you Kris?”

“Yes, just don’t put your hands on me.” We were standing out front of our shelter and not far from us there was a group of people. I prayed for Kris and then went on with my night. Only a couple of days from then I received news that Kris died of an overdose. He was at a known drug house and over-dosed, he passed away on the drive to the hospital.

It is always sad to hear that someone has died, but because of the conversation we had just a couple of days before that made it so much harder for me. My only thought: I know the other night Kris knew he needed to get right with God, my prayer was that he did do that after the incident. His funeral was two days after I heard, myself and a few others went in support.

After sitting down in the funeral home I was asked to speak on behalf of our shelter, because at one point he volunteered. I had no idea what to say so I spoke about how close Kris and I became. I also mentioned the conversation we had just a few nights before. Kris was known in the community by organizations and also our clients. I could tell so many stories about Kris, but wanted to keep this blog to the point.

It is always so hard to hear that people have unexpectedly died.

My prayer is that all those who are struggling, homeless and in need find their way to our doors.

Please leave a comment below, I love all feed back/encouragement.

  1. Glad you had a closer contact with him, and he may have made that important decision


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