Hot Thanksgiving meals

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Uncategorized
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There is something amazing about executing a task that Jesus Himself did. There are so many accounts of Jesus feeding the poor, widow’s, and people who were following Him. You may remember one account where there were thousands attending one of Jesus’ sermons, when His disciples said people were hungry, and informed Jesus that He should send them away so they can eat. I am sure you know or can imagine what Jesus did next, He said no, He wants to feed them. So with a couple loafs of bread, and some fish He fed thousands, and then had baskets left over.


Jesus blows my mind! Jesus used His disciples to pass out the blessings from the Lord. Jesus wants to use us in this same way, now! At our shelter we serve breakfast everyday of the year, and supper Monday-Friday (to those residing here), but three times a year we do a large meal for our residents and the community.

Since Thanksgiving was this passed weekend here in Canada, we had the opportunity to feed over 150 people and over 200 meals. I get so many calls from people wanting to volunteer, that I often have to turn people away. I was just thinking how serving people is exactly what Jesus did and exactly what He asks us to do in His place.


People who come for our meals are so thankful and happy to be able to have a  hot dinner. All afternoon I had people showing up whom cooked a turkey at their home and then brought it to our shelter, we then served it all out. This got me thinking, about how the disciples were blessed, by passing out the food to the thousands. We often do not think of how much a blessing it is to serve those in need.

So often working in this environment can become draining, or frustrating, but then you get to serve people (in essence Jesus Himself) and see how grateful they are.
These are the days i love my job.

Jesus I pray that I remember how much of a blessing it is in my life to serve the way you did, and the way you want me to. Amen


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