Giving dignity one hair cut at a time.

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Uncategorized
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This type of employment does not come with a job description, or a how to manual. Tonight we had four students from a local College come and help serve supper. Low and behold one of the young women fathers are well known on the streets of Moncton, and our shelter.

This lady is enrolled in a human services program and loves to help out. Her father frequently uses our services (not necessarily because he is homeless), and she knows how he has been welcomed and helped through our community. We started chatting about the stereotypes and stigma that surrounds homelessness and addicts. She is able to look at it from the other side of things, able to “humanize” the individual. People whom we pass or see are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers… PEOPLE!

I recently wrote a blog about stereotypes so that is not my intentions here. Often we look at homeless people as a statistic or a problem, and we don’t connect with the individual to help them move forward. That is why we intentionally made a switch to stop giving people a “hand out”, but a “hand up”. Like I have said before people who are living in these situations know what they did to end up there, but we need to show them that it is not an “end” but a beginning. It is often difficult to help someone regain their confidence, hope, joy…


Lets start to look at these people as people. Start little if you need to, but I encourage everyone to give back to your community. Something I love to do is give hair cuts. I am not a hair dresser, but I am an artistic person so I am able to cut hair and I do fairly good at it. Hair cuts are expensive, some people can not afford them. When I bring my hair cutting equipment it is not long before I have a line up.

It take a little of my time and I am able to give:

  • ┬ácost effective hair cut
  • someone to talk to
  • dignity

Please volunteer! Call your local homeless shelter, drop in center, clinic, soup kitchen and the list goes on. If you have every volunteered and are reading this, what would you say to others that are thinking about it?

  1. Nancy Gallie says:

    Harvest House gives a helping “hand out and up” to so many. If you ever feel the call to give and to volunteer, HH is a wonderful place to do God’s work and to get to know many wonderful individuals. They are truly God’s loved ones.


  2. Virginia. says:

    Really good reminder. I enjoy reading your blog.


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