How I came to Managing a homeless shelter.

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Growing up I always had a desire to serve God. Being the only Christian in my family was difficult, the rest of my family at the time were Catholic. There were three distinct times that God had his hand on my life, where looking back it seemed like He was actually moving me. The first was when I was in grade eight and my mother decided to move out of Charlottetown to a place in the country called Crapaud (pronounced Crapo), this is where I normally give time for people to laugh, where you are reading this take all the time you need.

Since you are done laughing i will continue.

I attended a school where my presence raised the population to 251 students, from grade 1-9. There was a youth group that was organized at the school by a local church, I started to attend. I was invited to a birthday party by one of the youth after going for a few months. This family had a lot of kids, and parents who love God. After getting close with this family they started to hold monthly prayer meetings in their home. The prayer meetings quickly turned into more, and before we knew it we were planning a mission trip to Jamaica.

I went twice on the mission trips to Jamaica and when it came time for the fourth trip I decided I wanted to go again, and attended a information meeting. At this meeting I met a man who would become my boss, he told me the things that his mission was doing in Moncton, and I had no choice but to join in. I had a taste of overseas mission trips, but felt in my heart to help more locally. I moved to Moncton not knowing what I would see, or experience.

God opened the doors for me to step into leadership at the mission, and so our homeless shelter was opened. I can tell you one thing, I had no idea what was in store for me, but I would not trade it for anything. I honestly have no idea how many people that has given me death threats, or said they would harm me. At first I was scared of the threats, I mean here is a guy that moved from Crapaud, to the “big” city of Moncton. I only ever saw¬†homelessness, drug addiction and prostitution in movies.

God had a plan. I have no idea how many people I have had the privileged of helping, meeting, talking with, listening to, playing pool or chess, serving a coffee or meal, giving a drive, or just being their. There are some days where it is tough for me to come into the shelter, but then there are other days where I can’t wait.

How did I come to managing a homeless shelter? I surrendered to the plan God had for me, and I walked through the doors He opened, and I never want to look back.

Ps. I met my wife through the homeless shelter, her and two friends where homeless, and now as I write this tomorrow is our 5th wedding anniversary. That story is for another day.

  1. godsonhigh says:

    I know that while writing this blog i can not please everyone, but I am new at this and want to make sure that i am clear on the content that i write about.
    A friend who read this blog told me she was offended by the way I spoke about the Catholic church. Please keep in mind that I believe there are some Catholics that have a personal relationship with Jesus. When I was apart of the church I did not feel that I learnt about a personal relationship with Christ, but more along the lines, being a good person will get you into heaven. No where in the bible do we see those words in any way, but Jesus said that He is the only way to the father.
    So this is my story in my words and how i have felt. I do want to always make sure that i am clear and that my message is understood.
    Thank you all for your continued support on this blog.


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