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I recently remembered a funny story that happened at the shelter, but it happened to another worker, so i asked her to write it down so i could share. I hope you enjoy.

My name is Shaine and I have worked at the shelter for 2 ½ years. I am an American and usually go home once each year. Michigan is not the nicest place in winter so I try to take a trip there in the summer so I can enjoy the outdoors. That means spending Christmas with my Canadian “family”, more specifically, with the shelter folk whom I love.


Last year was my first year working overnight on Christmas Eve and I loved most of it. I didn’t sleep well though; I was a little worried about being deported, I will explain why.

Every Christmas Eve we hold a candle light vigil, usually singing some Christmas songs and sharing about our year and about the hope that came with the beginning of Christ’s life. Last year we had an individual I shall rename Larry. Larry had been staying with us for a few days. He was one of those guys with a raspy voice who made me feel a little uncomfortable.

Larry’s turn for sharing about his year came as we sat around in a circle on Christmas Eve. He shared about his experience building our shelter from the ground up and how he was the leader of the Sons of Anarchy. Cal (our director and founder) was trying to quiet him but Larry pressed on, finished his spiel, and walked away, blowing out his candle on the way. He went to a back corner and quietly chatted with some other visitors. I worked that night and I just remember him acting a little sketchy. He came in the office and asked for the phone.

I was SUPPOSED to dial the number for him but it was Christmas Eve and I was generous…or just lazy, probably the latter. He dialed a number and started describing people in the center. He asked for the address of the shelter but I refused to give it to him. He seemed super sketchy! He was telling the listener that they needed to come down and “clean up” the place. I was really getting nervous so I told him to hang up the phone.

He claimed he was on the line with the RCMP. I am so sure! “Hang up the phone”, I said, instead he handed it to me. The man on the other line asked for my name and what I did there. I refused to give him information. The only thing going through my head was that Larry was calling some hit man to come “take care” of some people who wouldn’t do things the way he wanted them. After a short conversation I hung up the phone. A couple minutes later a call came through. I picked up the phone and the person on the other line preceded to tell me he was a dispatcher for the RCMP and needed to know my name and what I did at the shelter. No way I was about to give this man any information!

You see, I had received plenty of calls from the RCMP and they ALL gave me a name. Every one of them. And they all started off with “This is Constable so-and-so from the Codiac RCMP” This guy wasn’t giving me any info and I wasn’t about to offer any myself. I hung up again. The phone rang again. A friend of mine took the call and hung up shortly after it was answered. At worst, I figured the RCMP would show up if it WAS them and I could explain then.

Well, about five minutes later someone told me the RCMP had shown up outside and were looking for me. I went out to greet the officer, who was accompanied by a second car. I explained the situation, told them how sketchy the guy had been, but still had felt super dumb for hanging up on the RCMP! They came and found Larry and talked to him, making no sense of why he had called them. I again explained to the first officer why I had hung up and asked if it was okay. He said I shouldn’t have hung up but he didn’t seem super upset about it, especially after I explained that I am used to an introduction whenever receiving a call. They left and Larry didn’t stay that night. I called Danny, who was out of town, and he had a good laugh, probably two, as he recounted the story to whoever he was with. I, on the other hand, stayed up half the night worrying about deportation. Imagine, all the dispatcher could hear on the other line was Larry trying to explain and some crazy lady saying “hang up the phone right now”! I wasn’t deported, thankfully. But now I VERY seldom allow people to dial the phone on their own. I think I have good reason.”

  1. Heather Evans says:

    Holy Crud! Alright, “Larry”, pick another place to hang your hat for a bit, will ya! Very nerve-wracking, honey, indeed! Love you! Mom


  2. C. A. Euler says:

    You did good honey! Better to be careful and have it not needed than to find yourself if a very real dangerous situation. Love you bunches! Gram


  3. C. A. Euler says:

    Oops, supposed to say “in a very…”


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