Funny story from shelter

Posted: November 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Looking back on my years at shelter is always a fun time. I recently told this story to someone whom we just hired part time.

We were speaking about a young man and his girlfriend whom is pregnant and both stop in often for a game of pool, and a bite to eat. I have seen this young man transform over the years. When I think of Aaron (not actual name) now, I think of a respectful young man, when I thought of him three or four years ago he was often a problem at the shelter.  His circle of friends was not the greatest influence.

Part of the story you need to know, is for 5 or 6 years our shelter was on the first floor (that was the only floor we had, we now have a second floor). We had a shed in our back yard that held our mattresses, bedding and people’s personal belongings. Every night our shelter guests would bring a mattress inside and we would put them on the floor. We have programs and community drop in through the day; so we were unable to have permanent beds.

One evening while the shed was open and everyone was grabbing their beds and bedding, I was looking out the door and watching Aaron and three other guys walk across the street with my mattresses to an abandoned building. Now it is hard to be inconspicuous with single size normal mattresses walking across the street. This is the first and only time someone stole my mattresses.

I walked across the street and said that I want my mattresses back, but by the time I had gotten there they had left, so I got my car and followed them to a local park. I was mad at the time, but looking back I think it is so funny. Four guys hopped the fence, grabbed mattresses, threw them over the fence hopped it again, and then carried them across the street.

Another short story; one of the guys that helped Aaron was asked to leave one evening (this was on a separate occasion), after he left the property he came running back up to the  glass door, knocked on it and mooned everyone that was in the community drop in center.

My oh my, my nights are so random and hilarious at times.



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