Conversations with a alcoholic- continued

Posted: December 23, 2014 in Uncategorized
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My fourth blog was called “Conversations with a alcoholic and a broken military man”. Before you read this post I suggest clicking the link ( ) and reading the first part of this story.

One thing I love about writing this blog is that I have the opportunity to add to stories I have already shared.

He had got drinking again and lost his place and his job.Tim eventually came to the shelter.  He was working full time in a job he acquired through a temp agency. Tim is one of those guys that you just love from the moment you meet him. Tim has now been staying in our shelter for a couple of weeks, attending his AA groups and regularly meeting with his sponsor. I love when I see people really use the supports that they have around them. Tim will seek me out and tell me everything that has happened since the last time we spoke.

Tim heard about our Step Up program where if someone is working, attending school or accomplishing some positive goals then they are welcome to rent a room from us, in a clean and safe environment.

Tim has been clean for two months on January 9 from alcohol, and will be moving into the Step Up housing any time. It is so great to see someone moving forward and getting their life back on track, it is really great seeing it this time of year.

Have a Merry Christ-mas


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