I never know what I will encounter when I come to the shelter. I remember years ago there was a woman show up at our door from Newfoundland. You may not know, but there are many jokes about people who are from Newfoundland (you may want to look up a few now).

I have never been to Newfoundland, but I have heard it is a very beautiful place. I am going to call her Hollywood, because this quickly became her nickname. There are a couple funny stories that have Hollywood as the main character. One time I was in our kitchen (that in enclosed, to ensure only staff and volunteers enter) and I had a umbrella. I am not a superstitious person, but she is, so I opened the umbrella trapping her in the kitchen. I would try and make her touch this open umbrella (which is crazy to touch a open umbrella inside), but all she would do is scream my name in horror (much like someone being chased by a serial killer).

Let me tell you how she got her nickname. Back in the day our shelter was mattresses on the floor with a shed in the back yard to keep all the beds, bedding and personal belongings. Every morning Hollywood would go to the shed, grab her suitcase and wheel it into the middle of the center floor, sit down and start pulling out; curling iron, make up, brushes, and all that other girly stuff. I started calling her Hollywood, which I think took off with other people.

Hollywood did not have much shame

“Danny whats the safest way to have sex”? She asked me one night.

“Don’t do it” was my answer.

Hollywood met a guy who had enrolled in our recovery program and has since moved back home to Newfoundland and has a beautiful family.

A lot of times I get upset with social media like Facebook, but i do enjoy it because it helps me keep in touch with people and see their journeys.


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