Who will Jesus impact tonight

Posted: January 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

I am sitting on the stage in our shelter. See on Sunday nights we have a church service and our center fills right up some times there is only standing room. We have people that come just to attend church, people who live in our houses and recovery program, staff, volunteers and people currently staying in shelter.
I am sitting here looking out at the center, where the chairs are set up for our service, a group of volunteers are preparing supper, and others playing crib and pool waiting for supper to be served. It is amazing that in an hour and a half this building will be filled and people worshipping our creator. A few of the people will be waiting for it to end, some will be “secretly” connecting with God and some may have their entire foundation shaken and changed. What other church could you go to where some people will be worshipping, some people will be at the alter getting prayer and some will be in the back playing pool, because the service has ended. This is why I call this my home church. Jesus called us to go to the broken, hurt and widowed. I am so fortunate because they walk right through our door.
Jesus help me love everyone that comes through our door, and I pray that I am able to lead them to the cross.

  1. Scarlett says:

    And no enforced tithing? Well, then may the Mighty Lord bless you and your work in His Name supernaturally.
    Bless God there are still some real Christians out there doing greater works in His Power.


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