Dent in my car

Posted: January 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

I do not consider my job to be dangerous,  even though some people do. I have had many people stare me down and threaten my life, but Jesus has always protected me.
Shortly before Christmas there was a incident with someone staying at our shelter.
During our winter hours shelter guests are allowed to stay in the shelter all day as long as they participate in whatever activity that is going on at the time. In the morning people need to attend bible study, and then stay around and help clean. One morning there was a young man who was tasked with cleaning the smoking section (which is in our backyard). His actions caught my eye on the camera, he was kicking/throwing around chairs, tables and garbage cans.
I went to speak with him and said “thank you for your help, but your actions will not be tolerated and you have to leave.” While walking past the pool tables he picked up a pool ball, he was throwing it up and down for a few seconds and then he asks “Do you think I should brake a window?”
“I don’t think it’s a good idea.” He then threw the ball which bounced and hit the wall. As he started walking towards the door he grabbed the fire extinguisher and threw it on the floor. I finally got him outside and he walked half way to the sidewalk before turning around.
He came back to the door and asked if he could get his belongings. It was hard to get him out of the building the first time, I wanted to wait until he collected his composure before letting him in again. He started kicking the front door (which is entirely glass), surprisingly he didn’t break or crack it. He then turned to the window directly behind him and broke it with his elbow. After trying to break another window he then went around our building and kicked my car leaving a big dent, and then left the property.


When he started to destroy our property I called 911 for the RCMP, as the young man was leaving the cops said someone would be dispatched soon. It took the RCMP close to an hour to come talk to me. Almost an hour! I think that is crazy, praise God he was not hurting someone.
We didn’t press charges, but pray that he makes right the wrong he has committed. Since coming to our shelter I have seen his mental well being go down hill, for days before this incident he was really in a bad place. The dent in my car didn’t even register on my freak out scale. My heart really goes out to this young man. And I really pray for the RCMP that more people join and that the Lord helps and protects them all.

  1. Scarlett says:

    Some folks seem to resent having to be in a homeless shelter instead of grateful there is one available to provide a roof over their head and food. He needs deliverance.


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