So as I have said before our shelter use to be on our first floor (which was our only floor at the time). We had a shed in our backyard that contained all the beds, bedding and people’s personal belongings. We have always had some interesting people stay with us. In the early days of the shelter it was all new, we did not have a plan to run our shelter, not one of us has ever worked in one. All we knew was that we wanted to help people and show them the love of Christ.

Shelter started with maybe 7-10 beds, and that would be a lot, where now we have 30 beds and are often over half full. I remember a guy in the early days (and by early days I mean the first few months of our shelter being open), who would often bring people to the shelter. He brought a girl who stayed for a few days ( I do not remember her full length of stay), but her and I spoke often while she was staying. She chose to leave the shelter and for years couch hop, or stay outside. Whenever she would see me we would talk. She came around the shelter, but for some reason, something would stop her from coming in the building.

Not long ago I was getting in my car to drive to the mall and pick up a donation, she was standing out on the sidewalk and asked me where I was going. I informed her I was going to the mall and asked me to drop her off somewhere on the way. As we were driving I asked her how much longer she was wanting to live like this, on the streets not knowing where she will eat or sleep. I gave her the same words I give a lot of people.

“If you just come to the shelter we can help you get on Social Assistance, and will help you find a place.”

She didn’t seem to interested, but just this week she started coming in the building and staying in the shelter. This is such a big step for her, she definitely struggles in her mind with thoughts and paranoia so to see her come in and allow us to help her out is huge!

The first night she stayed I was working overnight, because one of my staff was sick. In the morning I asked her how her night was and if she got any sleep.

“I slept really good, and no one tried to kill me with a gun or anything.” I laughed because of how outrageous that sounded and told her that its not that bad staying with us.

For some people asking for help is not easy, most will not even acknowledge that they need it. Some people have voices in their head that tell them stuff like “Someone will kill you.” “Someone is watching you.” etc. thoughts that if some of us got we can differentiate from reality, but for some people that have a hard time with their thoughts they think that it is reality and that the voices are real.

God I thank you that this women has finally started to venture for help, and I pray that you give her a sound mind. I pray that you return the years that the locust has taken away, and I pray that she continues to come so we can give her the help you she needs/deserves.


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