What does this world need?

Posted: March 18, 2015 in Uncategorized
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It has been over a week since my last entry, I like to wait and see what event, person or story God wants me to share. Earlier I decided on a idea I would speak about, but as my evening at the shelter came a close God gave me another topic He wanted me to share.

What does this world need? Is a very open ended question and depending  who you are, your answers could be endless. I would say that the world needs many things, but for all it would be a relationship with God. One of my favorite bands is Casting Crowns. I have always loved hearing Mark Halls heart and passion come forth through the music he writes. A few years ago he wrote the song “What This World Needs” and I have loved it ever since. 

Here are the lyrics:


As a christian I am in the middle of a rock and hard place at times. How do I enforce rules and how do I show the love of Christ? Can we do both at the same time? I would like to say yes, and I think a lot of people would agree with me, but in the moment I am sure the person would say they don’t feel loved. There have been times where I have asked people to leave, and they got upset, but I would reaffirm to them they are welcome back, but their behavior is not. That same person may get very upset, but do you know where they go asking for help? They come to the place that they know cares for them.

Tonight it is snowing lightly a sight that would be described as beautiful. There is a young women whom we will call Jessica who chose to leave the safety of our shelter to brave the night outdoors. Jessica has been known to “work the streets”, and is a bad addict who is not ready to admit she needs help, she has stayed with us many times. Tonight she came late and asked to stay, she begged me to allow her to stay, and since I am a softy I told her she could, but stressed it is not something that can happen often. She was happy and left my office.

It was almost time to go to their rooms when she was outraged that she did not receive a piece of pizza,every night we have a lot of pizza donated from a local pizza restaurant, but tonight there was not much. She asked if she could have some that belonged to an individual who was taking it for his lunch tomorrow, he said no, and she got very upset.

She chose to leave and wander the streets. She needs Jesus, the real, beautiful, presence of Jesus. Theology won’t help, a bible class, or seminar. Jesus was out in the crowd loving and caring for the people.

Jesus called the church to go to the broken, not the other way around!

I do not know how to end this post. My heart is stirred because the world needs to know there is a very real loving God that cares for them. It is our job to ensure that people know this message.

Jessica knows that if she comes back she will be loved and cared for. Join me in prayer that she finds a safe place to sleep and be warm this night.

What does this world need?


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