Doing drugs in the bathroom?

Posted: March 24, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I am so excited to share this story with you. Just so you know I have permission to share names and personal information. Steve Murray has used our services for years, he has always had a great personality, but there were times where he was not a “model” citizen Lol.

Steve was always someone that I liked, and God gave me some great times of talking with him and getting to know him. Like a lot of people who come through our shelter he would at times do well, or at least that’s how he made things appear, but I would often wonder what it will take for Steve to turn his life around and start to really do well. It was almost like “If God can change Steve he can change anyone”, kind of thing.

If you walk in our bathroom you would start to wonder why our everything is so dark. We have black lights in our bathrooms, because apparently there are some black lights that can stop people from doing needles, but ours are not the right ones. I walked in our bathroom one day and I heard someone in the stall, and I knew that they were up to no good. What were they doing? I really didn’t know, but I knew they were doing something. I waited just outside the bathroom for the individual to come out, it was Steve. I informed him that I knew he was doing drugs in the stall and that he had to leave. He swore to me that he did not do anything,

“I know you were doing drugs in that stall, you need to leave, and I know you are going to come back, admit to it, apologize and move on from it”. I said

“Danny I didn’t do anything, this is ridiculous…” I am sure he used some words that I can’t repeat here.

The next day he was either walking by or on our parking lot, “Danny I didn’t do anything in that bathroom…”

“Steve I know you did something. I love you, but you have to leave. I know that you are going to come back to me, apologize and then we can get past this”. “Danny I didn’t do anything…” He continued to insist.

It is very funny looking back on this event, because I was really going by two things. One I heard some rustling in the bathroom stall that made me originally interested, but really I had a prompting from the Lord.

It was not long after the events started that Steve walked up to my car as I was leaving, confessed to rolling a joint, and that he was sorry.  I was very excited that he finally came back and made good on what happened.


Not long after all of these things happened Steve entered our 6 month Recovery program, graduated and now is volunteering weekly at our shelter serving coffee. It is amazing to see how the Lord has changed Steve’s heart and mind. I love seeing Steve give back to the shelter and others that are in a hard spot. Steve has always been someone who liked to help others, and now is often seen giving someone advise or inviting someone to a bible study or church service.


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