Sharing the gospel at Subway, when i should have been working

Posted: April 24, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Someone asked me this morning how i got involved working at the shelter. I have now been managing the homeless shelter for 11 years, man time flies. For many years our ministry was unable to pay me due to lack of funding, so i would acquire part time jobs during the day. The job that i had the most was Subway, did you know that Subway is the biggest fast food franchise in the world? I found that out while i was googling things.

The subway i worked at was busy normally during the late morning early afternoon because of it being in a business district. When i spoke with the owner about working for him, i told him that i can not work evenings, mornings, or weekends because of my commitment to the homeless shelter. I would normally work from 10 or 11 am to about 2 or 3 pm. I was very specific and Subway was wonderful in their flexibility with my schedule.

My wife (we were not married then, but we are now) was working there long before i started, and that is one of the reasons why i went there for a job. I was the fastest at making a foot long sub, we were once timed and i beat everyone in the store, my sub had no veggies on it, but it doesn’t matter i still won Lol (this topic always gets my wife worked up). We often worked the afternoons together, and when someone new would start working we would be the ones to train them. I am a very vocal and out going person, who loves to tell people about Jesus, so it is not hard for me to work Jesus into a conversation, and would do it often while working at Subway.

I would start out by “Do you go to church anywhere?” or “Have you ever heard of Jesus?”. The moment i got someones attention my wife would start waiting on all the customers, bringing any prep that needs to go to the front. I was free to speak about Christ as long as the other person would listen. I was blessed as i was telling this story to someone, so i thought i would share here. I worked on and off for a few years at Subway, and i really¬†enjoyed it.

It is amazing the doors that God opens when you are willing to serve Him.


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