A special kind of weed…

Posted: May 21, 2015 in Uncategorized
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There are often these gems that come and stay in the shelter. We have one of those right now. There is a lady who is 63 years old, and has been staying with us for coming on five months. She is a sweet heart and she is loved by all our shelter staff.

The reason she has been staying with us is because she has a mental health issue, and when living on her own she does not take her medication and then her living arrangements start to go downhill. We have been making sure she is taking her medication, and showering regularly.  We have been working on moving her into a special care home, but this process is always a little difficult because the individual does not realize that they need the help. She has agreed, now we are just looking for the right home for her. Finding someone a permanent home always brings such joy to my heart.

I love having her around the shelter she asks you the same round of questions every day “What time do I have to leave? When is supper? What time are we allowed in today? Did I take my medication?” I just love her. We play Crazy 8’s only the two of us because she says that it is just a two person game, and I feel bad because she hasn’t beaten me yet.

I wish I had a video I could share because the way she speaks is so calm, slow and clear. But one day Shaine took her to a doctor appointment, the doctor I am sure asked a lot of questions one was “Do you smoke weed?”

“No I don’t smoke weed, just a special kind of weed.”

I am so glad that she is here for the short time she is, once she moves on we may never see her again. She doesn’t come to many bible studies, but I know she has heard about Jesus.


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