I was able to sleep without needing to have one eye open

Posted: June 30, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I think that as a society we take for granted of a lot: our families, luxuries, emotions, safety, pleasure… This is a speech we receive often, but working in a place like our shelter you really see people be blessed by our services and community. We strive to be a “community of faith”, which means sometimes people do not even want to leave. There are times I see my family members in people who use our services, and it grieves my heart.

There was a youtube video where people’s family members were on the street as a “homeless” person asking for money, the people do not notice their own family members because they are more concerned with just getting past and not acknowledging the human being in front of their face.


I am not going to preach or expound on this topic any more then I have. I think that our society is being hit with these messages almost every day, I hope that the message will be heard.

When I arrived at work this morning there was someone waiting outside my car to speak with me (something that happens often, I get bombarded as I am arriving or trying to leave). He was asking how to get an appointment with Social Development so he can get a check. We stood there and conversed for a couple min and then began to walk towards the shelter. Last night was his first night, so I asked how it was.

“I had a great night last night; I was actually able to sleep without having one eye open. There were two guys in my room and they are good guys.” He said “I don’t know why I didn’t come a week ago.”

“Well you’re here now, that is all that matters.” I told him as we parted and went our own ways. “Have a great day.”

It blesses my heart when someone feels safe, accepted…

God I pray that you continue to draw people to our shelter to hear about you, and to experience your love.


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