From Drug dealer to Sandwich Maker

Posted: July 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

This is the third time over the past couple weeks I have sat down to write this entry. I would like you all to meet Jeff Savoie. Jeff came to our shelter in Dec of 2013 or 2012, where he would read quietly in the corner, and not talk to many people.


I remember that we had a problem with him receiving his Welfare check so we allowed him to move into our Step Up program. Jeff enrolled in GED and started to hang out with our staff at night time in the office, where we would talk, watch movies, play Xbox…
I could see Jeff start to get close to accepting Jesus into his life, and one day while walking through our center someone told me that he had just given his life to Christ in the smoking section.
Since coming to our shelter Jeff got his GED, gave his life to the Lord, had  helped out at night time in our shelter, and met the Love of his life.
Jeff and my co-worker Shaine met while Jeff was in our shelter and they got married just two weeks ago. My wife and I had the pleasure to be the Best Man and Maid of Honor. Jeff and I have gotten very close over the past couple of years and I am very blessed for that. To see God drastically change a life like Jeff’s is so exciting. Jeff is currently working out some issues with a job he applied for, but in the mean time he is working at Subway.
God I pray you bless Jeff and Shaine as they start their ligavetogether.


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