Our shelter is never full.

Posted: August 26, 2015 in homeless, homelessness, shelters
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At our shelter we never turn anyone away do to space, we make room.

I want to give you a little perspective about the city I live in. Moncton, New Brunswick is a hub city, in order to go west you need to drive through and in order to go east you need to drive through. We have a population of 150,000ish, it has a lot of amenities like a big city, but it really is small, it is not uncommon to walk down the street and see a few people you know(for me I often walk through the mall, or down the street and get stopped by people who have stayed in our shelter or come to one of our programs). I am sure I have mentioned before, I think this city is amazing for the help that is offered, with the many agencies helping the homeless and working poor.

There are three shelters:

  • A shelter for women and children who have been abused.
  • A shelter that welcomes adult men and women to a 30 bed shelter
  • And then there is us, we try to fill gaps like taking families, youth, people with friendly pets, and those in wheel chairs. We are not totally equipped to deal with some of these groups, but we would rather do our best then see them out on the street. The other shelters do not allow families, people with pets or people in wheel chairs so our best is the only choice some people have.

This evening a man showed up in a wheel chair, he is unable to get up our stairs even with help, so tonight I opened our chapel door, moved our chairs around, made space on our stage and my fellow co-worker made his bed.

It is a blessing offering people a bed knowing that they may not have anywhere else to go. There have been times over the years neighbors of our shelter will say stuff like

“Do you know that you have drug dealers go in your center?”or

“Do you know that prostitutes use your services?”

Of course we know this, these people (and everyone else who walks in our doors) is the exact reason we open our them. We often welcome people that no one else knows what to do with. We welcome them in, try to make them feel welcome, and try our best to show them the love of Christ.

We welcome anyone who is in need to come and stay in our shelter. Have a shower, a safe place to sleep, hot meals and people to talk with. I am blessed because in my line of work there are no random acts of kindness, because its my job to go out of my way to bless others. I do want to say that acts of kindness should not be random, but a regular part of our lives.

I have encouraged many people over the years to pray a prayer that is as simple as “Lord, wherever my feet are, let me be a blessing.”


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