Everyone is welcome

Posted: September 16, 2015 in homeless, homelessness
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Managing a faith based homeless shelter I get a lot of questions that are relevant to world issues, religion and so on. Two of these questions are:

  1. Are people forced into Christianity, or will you help people who do not have the same belief system as yourself? (Which I will address in this post)
  2. How do you feel about Homosexuality? (Which I will address in my next post)

Everyone and anyone are welcome here!

Let me explain the first question to begin. I have mentioned many times in posts that my city has a lot of help agencies, most of which are not faith based. So we get asked a lot “Do you force someone to sit through a bible study” or “Do we turn people away if they do not have the same beliefs as ourselves”?

The answer to both is NO. We allow anyone to come and be helped through our services. People who are in our shelter or Step-Up housing only go to a bible study or a church service because they want to participate. We always inform our guests and other agencies or whoever asks these questions “We tell people about Jesus because we as a staff have had our lives impacted and changed by Him, so we want to inform others of what He can do in their lives”.

We welcome anyone and everyone and if we don’t have room we make room. We do this because that is exactly what Jesus did in His ministry. Jesus at times rebuked His disciples for not allowing someone to come to Jesus, or quieted them when they would yell to get His attention. At our shelter we do not want to hinder Jesus from working in anyone’s life. I have quoted Casting Crowns before there is a song called What this world needs, you can click the link to hear the song if you have not heard it before. In the song it says “Sometimes the best thing we can do, is just get out of the way”


I was going to answer the second question now, but I think it would be great in its own entry.

Everyone is welcome. Even when we have to ask someone to leave for whatever reason we make sure they know that we want them to come back. Everyone is welcome, and if you are in Moncton some time I hope you stop in for a coffee and we can chat.

Blessings and remember lets never get in the way of anything the Lord is doing or wanting to do.


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