Everyone’s Welcome Part 2

Posted: September 28, 2015 in Uncategorized
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So in my last post I spoke about how we welcome anyone and everyone in our shelter. If a Christian ever discriminates against someone because of their background I would ask them if they read the same bible that I do.

I said that I would cover the question: How do we feel about homosexuality?

This is a topic that comes up a lot, and I am sure will continue to pop up even more. In our shelter we do not allow people who are in a relationship to stay in the same room.

Not too long ago there was a same sex couple that came to our shelter. We welcomed them in just like we do with anyone, but I just knew that this topic was going to arise, because we are faith based. One afternoon while I was teaching my Conflict Resolution course I had one of the two in my class, while the other one was at work.

I was teaching my Conflict Resolution course and this is the time they chose to ask the question. Normally it is; How do you feel about Homosexuality? or What are your beliefs on Homosexuality? I am someone who has been bullied a lot growing up, and knows what it feels like to be ignored, so I make it a point to make people feel welcome and loved.

“Danny, how do you feel about Homosexuality?” they asked.

“I was wondering when you were going to ask that, I wasn’t expecting it to be during this class. Homosexuality is a topic that gets blown way out of proportion. We still love and welcome people who are in that kind of life style. To often people focus on this one sin, but totally disregard others like: pre-marital sex (anyone who is in a sexual relationship that is not married), drunkenness, and so on.”

“Before coming in we were told that we would not be welcome, and that people would not treat us well.”

I asked “How have you been treated since coming here?” I love putting things back in the court of the individual that asks the question. I knew that my staff was treating them fairly, and knew that I was having a great time getting to know them.

You guys, the staff, have been awesome. Its everyone else that is rude or judgmental.” It blessed my heart when I heard this because our staff welcome anyone and everyone, and to know that they felt welcomed and accepted by our staff was a wonderful feeling, because that is exactly the atmosphere that we want to portray.

I had a really good talk during the class, but also after, because I had to end the conversation only because we were so off topic from what I was trying to teach. I still see this couple around Moncton and we always stop, talk and catch up.

One morning when they were still in shelter I did the overnight, so after waking everyone up I was waiting by the door to make sure everyone went down stairs to have breakfast. The person that asked the question in my class was walking past me, and by shear reaction I picked a bible up and gave it to them, they took it, which is not the reaction I was expecting. When the group was all downstairs I went down to join them. The person’s partner came up to me and said “Why did you give them that bible? Are you trying to make them a Christian?”

“Hey I just gave them the bible, it’s their choice wither they read it or not” I said.


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