Recovering Addicts leading worship.

Posted: October 15, 2015 in homeless, homelessness, shelters
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I have a couple of things to share today. We had our Thanksgiving Banquet this past weekend, that went marvelously. Over the past decade I always get asked what I am doing on the weekends of the big Holidays through the year. I always inform the person, mostly my mom, that I will be spending the time at our Banquets. My Holiday season would feel so different without these meals.

We often try to have music and or speakers share during our big community meals. Through the span of a year, there will often be people only come in for one of these meals, and we may never see them again. This weekend I saw a few people who I never met before.

We had two gentlemen from our Recovery program, who have both stayed in our shelter before, and three other people from our community, playing music. They did such a great job they even led worship during our Sunday evening church service the next day.

At some point in the future i will probably share seperately about both these guys, but i wanted to share a video that was made from our Banquet, so you could be blessed like I was. It is so amazing to see these two guys allowing Christ to totaly change their lives. One has been in our Recovery program for the past four months and the other for only a couple weeks. Both are allowing Christ to mold them into the men that God created them to be. God is moving and changing lives every day, and it is so wonderful to be able to see these changes happen right before my eyes. God is so good.

Click link below, it is from Facebook so you may have to log in to Facebook before watching.

Watch Video


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