Clear mind and a new person

Posted: October 20, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I just had someone walk in my office.

“Danny do you go to two churches”

“Nope I just come here (every Sunday night we have a church service at 6pm, in our drop-in center), Sunday nights.”

“Oh I thought you and your wife go to two churches”

“Nope just here. Why?”

“Whats the difference, if you go to church in the morning or evening?”

“Really it is just your preference.” I said.

“I get it now. As long as you believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that He died for you, it doesn’t matter what church you go to. I like to go somewhere that has a meal before, fun music and stuff for kids (which is funny because he doesn’t have kids).”

Then he pretended that he could not open my door trying to get out of my office.

Here is a joke he said to me yesterday.

“Adam, do you love me?” Eve asked

Adam replied “Who else?”

It has been such a blessing to see this man come out of his fog. He recently moved into our Step-Up program, but before was staying in our shelter. I will call him Jason.

I want to share what Jason was like while staying in our shelter, and then you can see why I am so encouraged to see him doing well now.  Jason has stayed with us many times the last few years, but doesn’t stay long. He will often “find a place”, meaning someone who wants to take advantage of him will let him move into their place and within a few days kick them out. With the rentals-men if you do not have a legitimate rental receipt then you are not able to get help from them. So after Jason is evicted from his place he comes back to shelter, but this time he really wanted to do well. When someone is staying in our shelter, and receive a check, they are supposed to find a place to live so they are asked to leave our shelter for 30 days. Often time’s people make a mistake and end up back on our door step before the 30 days are up. We allowed Jason to work an hour a day around our shelter, this gave him the opportunity to give back and help out.

Jason really wanted to be free from his addiction, but because he is currently on methadone he would be unable to join our recovery program, so we decided to allow him in our Step-Up program. Things have not been perfect, but it is great to see the change that is happening, before he was on the nod because of the mixture of his addiction/methadone/medication, he was never coherent enough to have a conversation with him not falling asleep. At one point he wanted his rent back and he wanted to move elsewhere. We said that we would refund his rent, if we could give the money to his new landlord to make sure that he would still have a place upon leaving. He did not like this at the time, but through a few hours of changing his mind, he decided to stay. The next day he thanked me for the actions we did the day before. I asked him that if he is in that mind set again would he want me to do the same thing and he said yes.

Often times when you work with someone who has an addiction, or a past with an addiction, the individual will set themselves up to fail, set themselves up to be evicted, set themselves up to go back to jail. We want to break the chains of addiction and homelessness to see each individual set free and have a chance at a new life.

  1. Scarlett says:

    My son is going through that right now, and I am brokenhearted.


  2. Scarlett says:

    What exactly do you mean?

    “‘Often times when you work with someone who has an addiction, or a past with an addiction, the individual will set themselves up to fail, set themselves up to be evicted, set themselves up to go back to jail”


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