Two funny stories from the shelter

Posted: November 4, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I just have to share this story that happened last night at the shelter. I was not there all evening, because i had to go speak at a local youth group about the services our shelter provides in the community. So i arrived back at the shelter around 8pm last night. I went to the bathroom because i needed to use the urinal, and as i was i heard a random noise coming from the stall. After i was done i looked under the stall door to see which way the feet are pointing, and this person was sitting on the toilet.

I then asked “Hello?”

“Hey sorry if you need to use the bathroom, i am taking a crap.” The voice said, it was a voice that i was not familiar with at the time.

“I heard some russeling, just wondering if you are rolling a cigarette or something?”

“It must be my jacket.” He informed me.

“Ok, whats your name?” He didn’t answer so i left and was going to speak with him when he left the bathroom. I saw who it was a few min later, but at the time i had to have everyone staying in our shelter sign in for the night. I was standing in our entry way speaking with this lady who has hilarious in her own way, when the young man came up to me.

“Do you work here?” He asked.

“Yes i do.”

He then looked a bit releaved, but also perplexed. “I was just in the bathroom, and this guy starts randomly talking to me. Do you know who it was?” His face was priceless, he looked so freaked out, all i could do was start laughing.

“It was me, i heard some random noise and i wanted to make sure that you were not doing something in their that you shouldn’t be doing.” Still laughing, i think i was laughing more at his surprised and frustrated expression more then what just happened.

“Oh, that makes sense then.” He said. Every time i think about it i can’t help but laugh.

When this young man came up to talk to me, i was speaking with a older women, there was a funny story here as well. I knew there was a new women that came the night before, and i assumed it was her. I asked her name and asked if she was new.

She said “Do you mind if i tell you something?” She asked.

“Yes go right ahead”

“I hope I don’t offend you, but you look so precious.”

“Thank you.” I said while laughing at her comment.

“Can I tell you who you remind me of? I just watched the ghost busters again, and you remind me of the marshmallow man.” She said

“Oh my.” I said really laughing now, not sure if that is a fat joke or not.

“You just have such a innocent look about you.” I really do not know what to make of her, but a few min later she gave me a great compliment. She was speaking with some people from the shelter, when I went to say hi. She grabbed my hand, and told the story of what happened. She added in that when she looked into my eyes she could see the Holy Spirit, I told her that is exactly what i want people to see and thanked her for her compliment.


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