Urgent: Prayer Needed

Posted: December 2, 2015 in homeless, Uncategorized
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There is a young woman who uses our shelter every once in a while, but will semi-often use our drop in center, she will often come in hungry. I woke this morning after having a dream that I saw this woman on the street and through the conversation she either said she was going or had already made the decision to go, to a female recovery program in our Province.

I was a little sneaky with the title, because I find really intense titles causes more people to read Lol. My hope is that for every person who reads this post will share with their friends and family, and will also keep this woman in their prayers.

At times she is a handful. There always seems to be one woman who causes more problems than anyone else that comes to our shelter. I have seen some of these women finally get on their feet and be stable, and that is what continues to give me strength to help every person who walks through our doors.

She works the street here in Moncton, and will stop in for a bite to eat. Only a few shorts months ago this lady was not allowed to be at our center due to previous conflicts, I asked her to leave, which ended up being very difficult. She lost it! I mean lost it! She was drinking a meal replacement shake and threw it at me, after it hit the ground she bent down put her hand in the milk like substance then smeared it across my face, she spit two or three times at me. I can get through these things and sure it makes for a hard shift, but it doesn’t bother me like it would others. Sometimes I am glad that people get upset at me, and not another staff because I know some staff really wouldn’t handle it well.

Over the years when I have had difficult people come to shelter, it gets to a point that I have no idea what I can do for that individual, I then make it a priority to be constantly praying specifically for that individual. When I make it my mission to be praying for a specific individual God really does something, some people have moved into our Recovery or Step-Up program and gotten their lives back on track, some have gotten arrested, but every time something happens.

I am asking you to pray this prayer for this individual:

God I pray that Your Spirit draws her to you, I pray that you surround her by people who can love her, and pray that the Spirit of addiction is loosed from her life in the name of Jesus. God I pray Your will be done in her life as you have planned for her life. Mold her into the beautiful woman you have created her to be.


This prayer can/will be read by many people. I just know that as you and I focus our prayers on this woman that her life will be changed. Please forward this so that she is covered in prayer by people all over the world.


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