Posted: December 8, 2015 in homeless, homelessness, shelters, Uncategorized

I am asking everyone to keep praying. On my last entry i implored you all to pray for a young women who has used our shelter many times. This post was added last week, and i need to inform you of the developments.

First off i want to thank everyone who prayed. This young women showed up at our shelter the other day to stay for the night, she stayed two nights in a row, which she does not normally do.

I let everyone know in my last post, that there are times when i do not know what to do with a guest. I will focus my prayers on those individuals which always results in an answer. Some times people got arrested, or enrolled in our Recovery Program. I think it is always interesting how God answers prayers.

One girl that had myself and others focusing our prayers on, was sent to jail for robbing a cabbie and got 2 years in a federal women’s institute. She has been out for a couple of years, had a few rough moments, but gave birth to beautiful baby boy, and is doing great. I will definitely share more of her story and our interesting past in a future post.

Since i have asked you to pray for this other young women, who has at times been difficult, but other times amazing. She informed a staff member today that she was in the hospital, which for a few days we were trying to convince her to go. She is in serious condition due to some infection that she has. The doctors are running tests on her to see what is going on. She is in quarantine at the present moment. She still needs your prayers, pray that God will heal her of any serious disease. I got to thinking that if she is in the hospital, she is not working the street, she has a warm safe place to sleep and rebuild her strength and health. She will also have some time to be clean off of drugs. Pray that when staff go to visit her, that God will speak right to her heart and that she can be convinced to go to a program.

God is so good, and i know He answers all these prayers. I hope you can all continue to join in prayer, i really want to see something amazing happen in this young women’s life, just think how she will feel when i can tell her how many people are praying for her.

If you want to read my last post it should be beneath this post.


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