Dent in my car- Part 2 (teaching a new way of life)

Posted: February 1, 2016 in homeless, homelessness, shelters, Uncategorized
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I saw this post on my Timehop on Facebook, and had to update you all on the story. One year ago i wrote a post about how my car became dented. If you would like to see that post click the link below.

When someone makes damage like he did, we don’t press charges, but hold the individual accountable to making restitution. They might do it with money or work it off, but we have them come up with their plan and then we work with them from there.

In that past year he has stopped by a couple times, but i would have to tell him that he is currently barred until he makes right what he did. I love seeing people step up and make right the things they have done in the past. He came to me the other day wanting to talk, he came in my office, sat down and started to apologize.

“Last year i was not on my medication, and i was believing all the delusions in my mind.” He told me.

“I know i remember how bad you were.”

“I am wondering if i can make right what happened. I would like to work it off if i can.”

“Yes we would love to work with you, normally what we do is for every $10 we ask you to work 1 hour.”

“Sounds fair.” He said.

I called our office to find out how much damage he did to our property. He broke two windows, tried to break our front door made of glass, and kicked my car. The cost of the two windows was a total of $900, so i told him, and he has already started working it off.

I love how at our shelter we teach people a new way of life. Most people who come to our shelter would be fine with doing time for some damage, but to pay or work off damage is not heard of, we are showing people how to live with honor, and respect.

I was blessed that he came back looking to make things right, i hope that he sticks it out, i was also so blessed that it was a year ago that he did all this, and now he is working things off, back on his meds and has clear thinking.

Pray that God continues to work in his life, and finishes what He started.

How is my car you may ask?

Still dented Lol it doesn’t bother me.


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