Rest In Peace

Posted: February 23, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I am late writing this post. We lost another guest to death far to early. I have a hard time writing posts like this, I’m not looking for attention, but almost feel like this can be like a memorial to ones we have lost.
Natasha was a very boisterous young women who used the shelter only a few times. I have far more history with her mom, and their last name is Gallant so we had an instant connection. Natasha stayed in the shelter recently, but due to circumstances beyond our control we had to ask her to leave. It was a hard choice, not long before this her grandmother asked her to leave, which is how she came to the shelter.
Natasha was a character who seemed like she had a genuine care for other individuals, how she showed her love for others varied depending on whom she was with. Making better choices was on her mind, while staying in shelter she started her GED, but this desire for new choices was not long lived.
Natasha’s mom and I joke around  a lot, her mom and mine have the same name, so I often joke saying that she is my mom, between you and me I think she wishes she was Lol. I was worried how her mom would handle things, but I can tell you she is handling it better than most. Natasha has been cremated and her remains are sitting next to her Grandfather (I think).
Please join me by praying for Natasha’s family and close friends for peace and that during this time they draw closer to the Lord.
And pray that Natasha’s mom becomes sold out for Christ. God has a plan for her mother.

  1. Scarlett says:

    I’m very sorry to hear this. What happened to Natalie….? Poor soul…this is not an easy world to live in.


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