Conversations with a Alcoholic Part 3- God still does miracles

Posted: February 28, 2016 in homeless, homelessness, shelters, Uncategorized
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The last time I updated you on Tim was December of 2014, a lot has happened since then, a lot especially the last two weeks.

I want to talk to you about Tim again, but before I do, it would be wise for you to read the last two entries I have made about him, so that you are up to date with the story and his progress.

Read this one first:

And now this one:

So Tim has been living in our Step Up housing program for over a year. I have wanted to inform you of his progress, but have not had the freedom in my spirit to do so until now. We have many properties in the city of Moncton and the Maritime provinces as a whole. In the city all out properties are in walking distance, but we often notice that not many of the residents will come to the center to be involved. This is changing. God is bringing revival to our center and residents.

Side note: A lot of people ask why revival is not happening, my rebuttal to you, it is! Get out of your living rooms, bedrooms and churches and you will see revival happening. If you isolate yourself, or you are someone who only watches YouTube videos or TV preachers you will miss a lot.

Back to Tim. Probably about 4 months ago, maybe longer, I decided I would start doing a weekly bible study at one of our residences on Thursday nights, because of my schedule at the shelter I made the time 9:30 pm. It started out mostly just me and another guy for awhile, but numbers started to grow weekly. Another staff decided to start a bible study Monday nights as well, and since these very conscious efforts revival has hit the house, and our step up program as a whole. I am not sure how the Monday night bible study goes, but my Thursday night goes somewhat like this: during the evening I ask God what He would like me to share, I start sharing and then every week it turns into a great discussion. I always love doing this bible study, and am always so happy and blessed while driving home.

Tim would some times stop in and sit for a few minutes here and there, but didn’t really attend much. Two weeks ago during the Monday evening bible study things erupted and Tim got very upset, there was a battle happening in the spiritual realm, and God was winning! He blew up, but was walked through it by our founder who was leading the bible study. God was working on Tim’s heart and in a mighty way!

Tim has since come alive! He is at almost every bible study he can attend, sharing and participating and loving it. My wife tries to bake a snack for all the guys on Thursday nights, but she is visiting her family right now, so I had no snacks lol. This past Thursday Tim was there, and I must add that we had a great night.

Afterward Tim gave me a hug and blessed my heart so much. He started praying for me and told me how much of a inspiration I was to him. He told me that the day my car got hit, that he was there, and my lack of reaction of being upset, spoke to him.

(If you would like to know more about that story click this link:

We never know how much our actions are noticed by someone else. I have been told a couple times this week, that my ability to not get upset while someone is spitting at me, freaking out, or kicking my car, can some times be frustrating to others Lol.

Please continue to pray for Tim that he allows God to mold and shape him into the man God created him to be. He has grown leaps and bounds the last couple weeks, but still has a long way to go.

Praise God! He is still doing miracles and changing people lives.

  1. Scarlett says:

    Praise God for all you do for the Lord and reaching out to the lost and hurting.
    Albuquerque has a wonderful program to try and end homelessness. The call 311 system started by Mayor Richard Berry working in conjunction with the Christian Charities and St. Martins, and is working miracles in this huge metropolis where hurting people can get lost in the shuffle.
    Jesus bless you


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