Courage to change- Was homeless and addicted for 5+ years

Posted: May 1, 2016 in homeless, homelessness, shelters, Uncategorized
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I am beyond excited to share this story with you. Dave Mitchel has become a friend. However if you were to ask me a year or so ago, it would have been a complicated answer.

Dave Mitchell has stayed in shelter many times, and although he has a very friendly personality he was a little difficult to deal with at times. He had a attention span that was very short, so i remember him not sitting still for very long. There were times where he participated in a life skill class, it wasn’t often, but sometimes is better than not at all. I remember when he would be in our Art class, and he would grab a pen, paper and draw a abstract portrait of someone. I looked to see if i could find one the other day, but was unable. He was talented, and had a very big imagination.

I remember hearing that he was in the back yard with pills, i can’t remember if he was selling them, or if he just had them. I asked him to come into the office, but on his way to the office, he hid his pills. Someone told me where they were so i went and got them, and asked Dave to leave.

Dave’s mind was starting to come out of the fog, and he had two choices in front of him. 1 going home to Ontario, and rebuild relationships with his family or 2 enter our recovery program and start the journey to become clean. If you ever hear Dave talk about his family he will often share the story of how his family said you will know when Dave is clean, cause he will cut his hair.

Dave chose to stay in Moncton and enter the our recovery program. He has given his heart to the Lord, and does not want to go back to where he was before. He has not cut his hair, which worked out great because he played Jesus in a fantastic Easter play. Dave has started helping at the shelter, a place where he “pushed “ the limits and our patience some times.

I hope you take the time to watch his testimony, i am so happy and encouraged to see the change in Dave’s life.

Dave and another recovery participant was given a mission to travel across Canada, stopping at local homeless shelters and blessing the staff, but most importantly sharing his story to give hope with others that he comes in contact with. He wants to tell them “Your mom loves you, misses you and wants to talk to you.” Along with other things.

To check out information about the trip click below, also maybe you want him to stop in your town.

Dave has graduated recovery, and is planning to head out on the road in about a month. Please be praying that they meet their fundraising goal, and that God opens doors for them as they are on the road.

A funny story I remember about Dave. Every day i walk through the shelter to make sure its clean and ready for a tour to be done. One morning i heard snoring, i looked through the rooms, but no one was in their bed. I heard it again, Dave went under his bed to sleep, and fell asleep before getting back in his bed. Its funny to look back on now.

Also be praying that more people like Dave take the challenge to enter our Recovery program and take the time to get clean. God is so good, and he is still moving today! God is still healing people, and speaking to them.

God is moving on High St in Moncton, and other parts of the world!



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