Estranged from Daughter for over a decade 

Posted: August 24, 2016 in Uncategorized
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So I was working at shelter last night and was talking to a regular guy who has been stopping in for awhile to have a coffee and get a bite to eat. As we were eating he told me that he recently got to connect with his daughter after 12 years. Let me back up though because there is some really cool aspects of this amazing story.

I am going to call this man Ray, just to make it easier to write this story. Ray had stayed in our shelter before, but through a series of unfortunate events found himself homeless again. He had some health conditions that were definitely a issue, but he had us and other agencies advocating on his behalf. He got into a subsidized apartment and is loving it. He still comes by the shelter to talk, drink some coffee and grab some goodies, he also gets along with all the staff, volunteers and he has some friends that are living in the shelter. 

Tonight he told me how he recently re-connected with his daughter after not speaking with her for 12 years. He was leaving the shelter one day, as his daughter and her boyfriend were driving into the driveway. She was coming to donate some items, but neither of them knew the chance meeting God was setting up. 

Ray had struggled with addiction during the decade they were separated, but has now changed those parts of his life. 

So him and his daughter now talk multiple times a day. She has a child and another one on the way. So God in 5 min re-connected Ray with his daughter and connected him with his Grandkids. 

I was so blown away that I had to write and tell you guys how awesome God is. Ray experienced a miracle that day, and is so thankful for it. 


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