If you are Canadian you probably sang the title of this post. I remember when I was a child seeing a commercial about drugs, some being good and some being bad.

Here is the link so you can watch the video if you want.


As most of you know I have been working in the homeless shelter for over a decade, and drug usage is something that gets worse every day. I have found some images, and I don’t want this post to turn into a debate about how worse some drugs are than others. Drugs have been proven to be bad for our bodies, yes even Cannabis (I am talking about the street drug, not medical. I believe that medical marijuana has some benefits).


I was beyond grieved the other night while at the shelter. One person was on speed or something, there were about three others who were on downers. When someone is under the influence of drugs/alcohol they are different. Using drugs changes you! I tell new staff and volunteers that the best way to know if someone is under the influence is by getting to know them, talking to them every day, and then you will notice if something is off or not.

How did Canada get to this point?

Why has drug addiction become so big/popular?

It breaks my heart to see people who are more than capable to be on their feet, and use the supports that are around them.

If you have a friend/family member stuck in addiction pray for them. Prayer is our most powerful weapon. Inform them that there is help for them, become educated on what help supports there are in your community. Remind them most of all that you still love them, and that you are still here for them. When someone is an addict they feel like they are alone, that they have no family, that the family they do have doesn’t want to talk to them, or be apart of their lives. Break that lie and show them that you care.

I know that there are some people that are stuck in addiction reading this post. If you are personal friends of mine, know that I love you and all I want to see is you use the supports that are offered to you.

If you are not a personal friend of mine, but are reading this post. Know that you are loved and valued. Know that you have a God who loves you beyond words can describe. Know that you are not alone, but that you have people in your life that want to help. Know that you push people away, and you need to stop doing that. Smarten up and do what deep down inside you know you must/want to do. Take that step.

Call detox.

Find a recovery program (i would suggest a faith based one).

Stick it out!

And your life will be changed forever.

Stop listening to the lies that are in your mind.

I was not intending my post to go this direction, I just wanted to speak about how much drug use is effecting our society. It is proven that mental health illnesses worsen with the use of any of these drugs.

God I pray that whom ever is reading this post that you bless them. If while reading this post they got an idea of how they can help someone, that you do not let that idea leave their mind until they do it. I also pray for those stuck in addiction who are reading this post, that your Spirit showers them with your love. That while they read this, they decide to take that next step, and you give them the strength to do so. Amen!


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