No longer working the streets.

Posted: November 23, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I don’t know why I have not thought to write about this woman who is loved in our community. I am going to use the name Nancy for this blog entry. Years ago Nancy would use the shelter on a very regular basis. 

Unfortunately she would also work the street off and on. Nancy was and is loved by everyone in our community. Because of addictions she did not weigh very much at all, but was a tough full of compassion, do anything for anyone kind of person. 

We do not have a women’s recovery, but do hope to open one within the year. Over the past many years we would refer women to other agencies in the province. 

Nancy is someone we prayed for many times over the years and someone who loved Jesus, but didn’t know how to overcome her addiction. All of our community was excited when Nancy decided to enter a recovery program. Seeing a woman leave the streets and enter a treatment program and allow God to mold her into the woman He created her to be. 

Since graduating recovery she has stopped by a couple times to let us know how she is doing. She has gotten married and has stayed in her new community. The recovery program she went to was in a different city in NB. There are times when we encourage people to leave the city and start fresh in a new community.

This story is forever going to grow. It is so amazing to see her doing well. 

So this morning I was speaking at a local college about our shelter and programs. I had an hour with the students and had a great time. After the class a few students came to speak to me about volunteering. One girl came to me and said “Do you know Nancy?”, as she asked me I thought that they kind of look alike and it could be her sister or something. 

“Yes I do” I said. 

“She is my mom. She is doing amazing, and living in (the city where the recovery was). I go up and visit her every month. She doesn’t like to come to Moncton, because it was not the best place for her before.” she told me. 

“Tell her I say hi next time you see her.” 

I was so blessed to see their relationship rebuilt, and going strong. I am blown away that this young girl is taking a Human Services type course, she will be able to help people that are in a similar place as her mom once was. 

God is so great. I have not been able to get this off of my mind all day. I was not expecting that, but it’s an appointment God had set up for me a few weeks ago. 


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