The glorious drive to Detox

Posted: March 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

Over the years I have driven many people to Detox on Mapleton road. I always love the thought of people taking the first step to put the pieces back together in their life. At our shelter we take the time to encourage everyone to strive for an addiction free life.

I have a friend who has stayed in the shelter many many times over the years. I have seen him have no drive or ambition to accomplish anything in his life. He will often get a place, buy a gaming system, and then shut off from the world smoking weed a lot! and eventually moving to harder drugs until he has enough.

I remember him coming to the shelter and giving my cell number to the detox center. It took a few days to get in, but he got the call. As I was driving him down Mapleton I had so much joy. I think it is amazing when someone makes the choice to start rebuilding the parts of their life they have lost.

I always try to care about every person who stays at the shelter, but this guy has always had a spot in my heart. He finally has some drive and a plan for his future. He says this is the missing piece he has had in the past.

God is so good! He is changing peoples lives everyday!

I see drugs destroy people’s lives on a daily basis, weed included. If you follow my blog you have heard me say things like this before. It grieves my heart to see the country i live in and love looking at legalizing another substance. Whenever someone hears me share my views they will say something like, but Alcohol and cigarettes are legal, my rebuttal to this is
“Lets learn from those mistakes!”

Drugs is destroying our culture, and usage is on the rise. That’s why we need to stop the stereotypes that are society put on an addict.

Addicts can change!

Addicts can do something right!

Addicts are human!

If you are an addict call for help. If you don’t know where to look comment on this blog and I will help you as best I can, no matter where you live!

God is moving, and I pray that you will allow God to move through you and touch someones life.


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