On the “nod” during Bible Study

Posted: May 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

I only thought to write of Mary the other day. 

Mary came to the shelter with a long time boyfriend, but as I see often a lot of relationships that center around addiction don’t seem to last. In fact I can’t think of any relationship centered around addiction that has lasted around the shelter. Mary and her boyfriend had great personalities and got along very well with staff.

Addiction continued to lead Mary down the wrong road, and I saw her go even further down hill. Around this time a friend of mine was doing a weekly Bible study in his house, and Mary and her new boyfriend came. It was great seeing them, but they had usd just before coming. Mary was on the “nod” and was in and out of consciousness all night. 

God was creeping up on her, she was just being stuburn. 

Mary got clean from drugs, has moved to a different city and God has been restoring her lost relationships with family members. If Mary can get clean there is hope for you! 

We see lots of people like Mary come to shelter and our drop in center, but we don’t see them all take those steps towards really getting the help they need. 

Mary is now doing very well! She is rebuilding her life and is helping others along the way. I have told her before that I believe God is calling her to Moncton to help out the city that brought her so far down. Often when I see her she says she is working on coming back to help other women.

This is a true story, with the name changed and a lot of portions of the story left out. 

God is so amazing. He is changing lives and restoring families. 


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