Don’t believe everything you read on social media: except this post lol

Posted: September 12, 2017 in Uncategorized
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So people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness doesn’t need your looks, your disrespectful comments on social media. 

Giving someone some dignity can be as simple as saying hi. 

This past week on Facebook there was a post that a women posted on a “community” group, about a women who was panhandling outside of a book store. There was a group of 3; two were inside sitting at a table, while the other was sitting out front asking for help. 

This “concerned” citizen commented that she thought it was disgusting that these people would take the money, say they are homeless and use the money to buy food.

How are they, right? 

Wrong! I couldn’t believe the responses I was reading, people so hurtful and rude as they tried to right the wrong that some how happened in their minds. I never get involved, but felt I needed to say something. 

“I can vouch that these people are in fact homeless.” Most people probably tried to ignore my comment. 

A day or two later the same young women who I know is staying in our shelter was outside of a grocery store. I always stop to say hi, and show respect and hope that the person feels like they are human. 

I stopped to speak with the young lady for a moment and reminder her we are open so she could go there. 

When I was leaving the store she asked if we could speak again. She asked where she could get help with job search, resumes and asked questions about our Step up program. 

I answered her questions and reminded her that we have staff to help with all her requests. 

I honestly don’t put much thought into conversations like this, cause it’s a part of me and I feel that everyone should just act kind to everyone!

The next day when I entered the shelter and looked in her direction I watched as her face lit up. She was excited because I gave her some time, dignity and respect. 

Why are people so judgmental, hurtful and rude? We are in 2017 I would think that society has done away with descrimination and stereotyping people. 

Be kind to someone today, say hello and build a relationship. You never know how you are blessing someone else. 

  1. I know your heart and how you practice what you speak Danny. Your words have again proven to hold so much respect for others and how you desire to make a difference in one-person-at-a-time’s life just by showing respect.
    Thanks for being REALly REAL about issues that need to have some perspective offered on and you have proven that you will stay true to THE TRUTH and stand up with wisdom to enlighten and call attention to alternative mindsets that would have a more kindness slant to helping this troubled world of troubled people turn their self around and just rewind until the wisdom they were born with comes to light and sheds a beam toward The Way The Truth and The Life and realize that simple kindness trumps all unkind words and stinkin’ attitudes that disrespect fellow human kind. Your writing has tweeked my attention to the details of my own attitude and hence I will heed the prompting of my spirit in HOPE that a lesson or two has been taught and caught and will stick long enough to be effective in and through me.


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