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This blessed my heart last week and I have been dieing to share it. I just want to encourage everyone to listen to the promptings they recieve

Our shelter won a grant worth $86,500 from Aviva to renovate our kitchen and bring our equipment up to date. We serve 3 meals a day to our Recovery program and 2 meals a day to our shelter and community. In turn we serve over 150 meals every day of the week. If you stopped by the shelter you would see some kitchen equipment you would have in your home, so we are excited to have the proper equipment for the volume of meals we serve. 

Last Monday the shelter was bustling with news reporters getting stories, our shelter guests kind of wondering what is going on, and even having the mayor show up for a few min. Last Monday we had our official “Ground Breaking” for our renovations. The community center was packed full of people that came by to support what we do. 

I was not responsible for too much other than being there to look good Lol, but I planned on going to Tim Hortons and picking up 2 thermoses full of coffee for the event. This was a story in its self, but not the part of the story I want to focus on. 

When I was leaving I thought about who I could bring for some company and who could help bring the coffee to my car and then the center. 

I should back up a little bit so you can see the full scope of what happened last Monday. 

I am going to call this guy Brian. Brian has stayed at the shelter a lot over the past five years. He is someone who is so high strung and aggravates everyone, and has been barred for being very vulgar/aggressive with his speech. The last time he was at the shelter he was barred for our longest punishment “Indefinite”, which means there is no specific end date the individual is asked to leave until staff can tell there is a change.  I really don’t want to give to much information on this story cause I feel his story is just beginning and I will have lots to share in the future.

So this time when Brian walked in the doors myself and most of the staff felt reassured, see he had a recent life threatening experience, and came out of it still alive. The first thing I told him was I was glad he was alive! 

So last Monday I felt to bring him with me for the drive and to help with the coffee. When we got to Tim Hortons I bought him a coffee and then got the thermoses. I do this all the time, grab someone from the shelter and bring them with me on an errand, and I love it. I never knew how much a coffee would mean to this guy. I spent like $2.85 on a coffee and I can’t count how many times he has come to me and thanked me for the coffee, more than anyone else has ever done. 

I am a coffee lover and this line has two meanings, but a Coffee can make someone’s day.

Follow your promptings, I am so grateful that I work in an environment that fully allows me to follow my promptings.